Try these Positions when first time meeting with Ajmer escorts

Are you planning your first meeting with an escort in Ajmer city? Is not shyness making it easy for you? In our post today, we bring you some tips to overcome shyness on your first date with an escorts. For many men deciding to have an appointment with an Ajmer escorts is not a simple task. The shyness and inexperience in this type of sexual encounters are usually the main barriers. If you want your first evening with an escort in Ajmer to be a success, do not miss our advice:

Is shyness your main problem? Did you know that there are several postures of the Kamasutra that will help you overcome it? The postures that we present today are especially recommended to forget the shame and fully enjoy a sexual encounter with an escort in Ajmer avail only for you.

Escort Services in Ajmer

Escort Services in Ajmer

The missionary: This is a classic posture, simple and very comfortable for both. Due to its low degree of difficulty, it is not usually intimidating. To put this position into practice, the escort must lie on her back and the man stands on her. Being face to face facilitates understanding between both participants, especially if lack of confidence hinders verbal communication.

The taming: In this position, the man should be seated in a chair, a bench or the edge of the bed and the escorts in Ajmer sitting on it. It is usually a fairly comfortable position where the bodies fit perfectly. This position makes it easier for the escort to take the reins of the encounter and for the man to relax and let himself be carried away.

The scale: If what makes you nervous eye contact, this posture is ideal for you. It is very similar to the dressage, the only difference is that in the balance with Kolkata housewife escorts will be placed in the man’s back. In this way, the man will not be intimidated by the look of the escort and will be able to be carried more easily. It is highly recommended to take advantage of this position to caress the escort body or whisper in your ear.

The spoon: This position is perfect for those who want to start anal sex but shame prevents it. Both the man and the escort should lie on their side, she in front and he behind adopting his position to hers. It is usually very comfortable and pleasant. In this position, there is no visual contact with the other person.

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The puppy: This is one of the most common. Nor is there a visual contact so it is ideal to enjoy sexuality and forget shyness. The escort is placed on her knees with her hands resting on the bed and the man behind her. It is a very pleasant posture for both. What do you think about this selection of Kamasutra positions to overcome shyness? Do you dare to try one with one of the girls that collaborate with us? Choose your favorite and come and put it into practice on our relaxing house. When you arrive at our Ajmer dating house, or when you contact to book the appointment, it is advisable to inform the person in charge that it is your first time with Ajmer call girls for fun. In this way, she will be able to advise you on which escort is the one indicated for this type of encounters. Clarify any doubts before starting the meeting and thus avoid misunderstandings. If possible, choose a GFE escort. These escorts are usually closer and will help you gain confidence more quickly.